DigitSec Featured on System Dot Debug

Waqas Nazir, CEO of DigitSec, and Ryan Headley from System dot Debug, discuss the SaaS Security Scanner for Salesforce (S4) and its ability to secure Salesforce orgs.

System dot Debug is a group of Salesforce developers dedicated to providing the tech community with useful and relevant information. They do this by posting regular podcasts, and speaking with other leaders who are passionate about Salesforce.

As the leading provider of Information Security and Compliance Products for SaaS applications, it was an honor to be featured by such a forward-thinking group.

View System dot Debug’s interview with DigitSec here.

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DigitSec brings four scans to protect Salesforce: Source Code Analysis, Custom Runtime Testing, Software Composition Analysis, & Cloud Security Configuration Review. #DevOps

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