Secure As You Develop, Not After

Scan As You Go, Automate And Save Time 



Unlock a new level of protection, surface findings through continuous comprehensive  scanning & access detailed remediation


DigitSec’s powerful rulesets with over 120 custom rules, help  reduce false positives significantly, preserving resources


Scan Orgs and code repositories to find and fix security vulnerabilities in customized code and configuration with one-click

The Challenge

One of the obstacles to overcome as a developer is applying security to the code and verifying that it’s secure

Problems stem from implementation issues that arise during development and configuration and cause various vulnerabilities in the network leading to data exfiltration and compliance issues


Security misconfigurations account for 82% of security vulnerabilities and has led to catastrophic data breaches

Even when code is delivered and properly configured, operational challenges can and do occur within the CI/CD pipeline

Implementing an application security testing platform should be efficient, easy to install and configure, and not disrupt your development 

DigitSec helps developers by delivering a robust Salesforce application security testing platform with high visibility, simplicity, and an expedient way to identify and manage risk without in-depth cybersecurity expertise.

Scan and Surface Issues Within Minutes

Quick, easy to execute scans can be run without ever having to leave your environment, making it a highly developer friendly solution 

Seamless Integration

Adding DevSecOps to your CI/CD pipeline is as easy as pointing DigitSec at a Salesforce sandbox org

Integrations with most tools used in Dev cycles, like VS Code, IntelliJ, Jira, Jenkins, Azure DevOps, GitHub, Gitlab, Bitbucket, Gearset and Copado are built in

Thorough Remediation Guidelines

DigitSec Scans not only identify vulnerabilities with precision but goes beyond by offering step-by-step solutions in-line for effective remediation

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