Scan Salesforce for Security and Quality.

Identify risks, take back control, and secure your data.

  • Automated and accurate for better security
  • Unlimited scans and scales with you
  • Easy integration and deploys quickly
  • Scans settings, code, and config for vulnerabilities
    • Static Code Analysis
    • Dynamic/Interactive Runtime Testing
    • Software Composition Analysis
    • Cloud Security Configuration

Let’s assess the state of your Salesforce security and see how DigitSec can help enhance it. 

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"DigitSec helped us through the Salesforce AppExchange security review process. It is a good product and [it's] beneficial in the security review process as well as helping us remain compliant in the continuous development arena."

- Dan Szymczak, Senior Director, Product at Engaging Networks

Fast & highly accurate
Automated & always-on
Unlimited scans, no code limits

Automated scans take minutes and accurately surface issues.

“We easily integrated DigitSec into our Commerce Cloud DevOps process to ship with confidence.”

– Shay Reddy, Hanna Andersson Senior Director, Infrastructure & Cyber Security

Results are organized by vulnerability type and severity.

“DigitSec empowered our developers to remediate application security bugs minutes after coding them.”

– Renne Devasia, InCountry Chief Compliance & Security officer

Fix issues with included remediation guidelines.

“DigitSec brings much needed security to Salesforce and helps give users the ability to deliver secure applications that follow the best practices of cybersecurity.”

– Frank J. Ohlhorst, eWeek


Salesforce Clouds & Languages

  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Finance Cloud
  • Health Cloud
  • Revenue Cloud
  • Community Cloud
  • Experience Cloud
  • Apex
  • Visualforce
  • Lightning Web Components
  • Aura
  • nCino
  • Veeva
  • Vlocity


Comprehensive Scanning
Find & Fix Salesforce Risks

All-in-1 Security Testing

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