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Hanna Andersson Builds Brand Security & Trust

Read the case study on how Hanna Andersson enhances the security of their Commerce Cloud development process by adding automated security testing.

Why Customers Use DigitSec

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"DigitSec's Commerce Cloud security solution is the only automated security solution in the market that fits the bill for secure development on the platform. We easily integrated DigitSec into our DevOps process to ship with confidence."

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What Salesforce Says...

“The DigitSec security scanner for Commerce Cloud allows merchants/customers to mitigate security vulnerability risk in their custom cartridges by surfacing these exploitable vulnerabilities in a quick and automated fashion. DigitSec's reports can show vulnerabilities that are non-compliant with regulatory standards, such as PCI, GDPR, and ISO 27001."

- Santhana Krishnasamy, Senior Director, Product Management, Commerce Cloud, Salesforce.

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See How DigitSec Helps Commerce Cloud Sites With PCI-DSS Compliance

Our infographic maps out how DigitSec can assist with executing specific PCI DSS compliance requirements for Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Automated Security Solution

Closing security gaps in your Salesforce commerce site custom code 

Multi-Tier Protection

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Web-based exploits

Prevent potential attacks by securing unseen & open code vulnerabilities. 

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Data Leakage & Misconfigurations

Identify holes & weak configuration to protect from data breaches

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Third-party risks

Mitigate extended risk introduced from external plug-ins & software

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Non-Compliance to

Address PCI requirement violations & satisfy compliance security needs


Of enterprises have contended with a cloud security breach in the last 18 months


Vulnerabilities identified across
companies scanned


Number of DigitSec scans you can run
at no extra cost

Reduce Risk & Enhance Compliance

The Need

  • Commerce Cloud sites are open to threats and frequently under attack.


  • Customized development introduces a multitude of security vulnerabilities.


  • Salesforce Shared Responsibility Model requires you to independently manage the security risks of your sites and data.

Our Solution

  • Identifies security vulnerabilities in your code before, during, and after deployment.


  • Satisfies the security and compliance needs for PCI DSS to protect your customers, cardholder data and PII


  • Reporting shows you which vulnerabilities are causing non-compliance and provides precise remediation guidelines.

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