DigitSec is a leading provider of SaaS security testing.

About Us

Who We Are

DigitSec is a leading provider of SaaS application security testing.  Founded in 2017, we empower our clients to protect their sensitive SaaS data and customer personally identifiable information (PII) with a unified threat management platform for SaaS.  DigitSec provides the most comprehensive application security testing platform purpose-built for Salesforce, integrating automated penetration testing into the DevOps pipeline.

Our Product

S4 for Salesforce – our patented SaaS Security Scanner – is DigitSec’s flagship product. S4 rapidly identifies insecurities in SaaS environments.

S4 assesses Salesforce security posture, allowing developers & admins to identify and fix security issues before deployment while supporting compliance.

To see how our product works, check out this 1-minute demo video:

DigitSec Security


Security at every layer to protect your code.

Our Leadership Team

We’re a team of professionals passionate about digital security and protecting your Salesforce.

Waqas Nazir


Before founding DigitSec, Waqas served as the Chief Application Security Auditor for Coalfire Systems. He has worked as an information security consultant for multiple Fortune 100 companies including Microsoft, JP Morgan Chase, and Salesforce. His expertise includes code reviews, black-box assessments, product reviews, and custom tools development. Waqas collaborated with Microsoft Research in the development of a static code analysis tool used for identifying software vulnerabilities and was featured in Microsoft’s Information Security Newsletter. Waqas has also been credited with the discovery and disclosure of vulnerabilities in many tech products including Google & Apple.

Shannon James Smith


Shannon Smith describes himself as a “geek-at-heart with a couple of business degrees on the surface.” Shannon started writing code on TRS-80s and progressed to running BBS’s from his Commodore64 via a 300 baud modem. With 25+ years of executive leadership, business operations, cybersecurity strategy, and technology sales experience, Shannon is a serial entrepreneur and veteran of the VR, Internet, SaaS, big data, computer hardware, SAN storage, enterprise software, e-commerce, information security, and media content security.

Ryan Smith


Ryan is a Certified Asset Management Security Expert with 25 years of successful sales and entrepreneurial experience in starting, marketing, and selling diverse businesses. In 1997, he started International Student Tours, the world’s first online travel company. Ryan won the City of Seattle Mayor’s Business Award and was the Ernst and Young “Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist.” Ryan graduated from the Foster School of Business at the University of Washington with Certificates in International Studies of Business & Entrepreneurship.

Gregory Ness


Greg is a B2B technology and cloud security marketing executive with depth and breadth across cloud computing, virtualization, security, networking, data center startups. He was key in accelerating numerous successful exits including Vidder/Verizon, ShoreTel (SHOR), IntruVert/McAfee, Redline Networks/Juniper, Blue Lane Technologies/VMware, Infoblox (BLOX) and Vantage Data Centers/Digital Realty Trust.

Adrian Szwarcburg


Adrian is a Silicon Valley executive with over two decades of leadership experience in forming strategic alliances & global partnerships and driving channel sales for technology startup including Cloud Lending Solutions (acquired by Q2 Software); AtHoc (acquired by Blackberry); EVault (acquired by Seagate); and Autonomy (acquired by HP after IPO). He holds a degree in computing from Monash University, Australia.

Phil Lepanto


Phil is a senior technology executive with 25 years of experience in a diverse range of roles, from operations engineering and code development, to networks and customer success. Recently of Washington, DC, Phil and his partners built a digital campaign consulting firm where he served as Chief Technology Officer and which they sold to The Outcast Agency in 2019. Now in Seattle, Phil enjoys sailing, skiing, hiking and studying the craft beer industry of the Pacific Northwest.

Kevin Richards


Kevin is an expert full-stack software developer, who has a love for self-improvement. With over 12 years of coding experience, Mr. Richards has worked on a wide range of projects. He loves to learn new technologies and expand his knowledge. In his free time, Kevin is usually in the mountains snowboarding, climbing, or hiking while taking photos of nature and his dog.

Afrasiyab Ahmad


Afrasiyab is a dynamic security software engineer with a diverse background in roles ranging from operations engineering to networks and customer success. He earned a Bachelor of Applied Science in Application Development, graduating with honors from North Seattle College. For fun, Afrasiyab invents new recipes in the kitchen.

Blanca Lucerito Paucar Cano


A Translator, Interpreter, Reviewer, and Content Creator, Ms. Paucar Cano has six years of experience helping to build close long-term client relationships.  Blanca establishes custom processes and clear goals for each client, providing personalized support to all her clients. She is a native Spanish speaker who is fluent in both English and Portuguese.


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