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Protection Through Precision and Automation

4-in-1 Comprehensive Scanning


Static Source Code Analysis​


Interactive Runtime Testing​


Software Composition Analysis​

Scan Review​

Cloud Security Configuration Review​

Adapting to ‘Proactive over Reactive‘ Security

Successful breaches can devastate an organisation through the vast number of resources needed to mitigate an event. The loss of revenue and brand reputation has resulted in extreme consequences with several businesses being permanently closed, mid-market. Regulated industries have even more complexities to navigate, with burdensome amounts of sensitive data that remains a prime target

The Challenge

Managing and maintaining the security stack to ensure proper cyber hygiene, threat hunting, verifying false positives, and reviewing large amounts of log data are time-consuming tasks causing staff burnouts and increase the risk of a successful cyber threat incident


As the number and complexity of cyber threats continue to grow, cybersecurity teams are stretched beyond their limits

With businesses relying more on critical applications, cybersecurity teams often struggle with the security and integrity of code pushed by developers. Since their goal is to deliver applications promptly, there are inevitable embedded vulnerabilities

DigitSec can help cybersecurity teams by leveraging a robust Salesforce application security testing platform with high visibility, simplicity, and an expedient way to identify and manage risk. Your platform can enhance cohesiveness between cybersecurity teams and Salesforce developers by:

  • Immediately strengthening code security without any added burden on valuable internal resources
  • Vastly reducing false positives that result in faster deployment of secure code and ensuring risk mitigation
  • Providing real-time intuitive suggestions to ensure risk and vulnerabilities are well managed
Accurate Security Scanning

Each scan surfaces the Background, Security Implications, step-by-step Remediation to fix them, correction vulnerability and workflow, a tracing of how the scan found the vulnerability (reducing false-positives), and Compliance Implications

Increase Efficiency & Minimize Effort

Accelerate your Security Processes through Automated Scanning, and save thousands of hours in Development Time, Money and Resources.

Remediate, Report and Stay Compliant

Detailed reporting that includes visualizations and results organized by vulnerability type, severity, logs and much more. Easy-to-access custom reporting for compliance and overviews with measurable metrics for multiple compliance frameworks including GDPR, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, ISO 27001, APPI, and NIST

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