VS Code, IntelliJ, CLI, Azure, Jenkins, Copado, Jira

Integrated Developer Environments (IDE): VS Code / IntelliJ, CLI

For developers that are focused on writing code to keep pace with their organization’s needs, they can integrate S4 directly into their favorite Integrated Development Environment. S4 can run SAST and SCA scans on-demand, before they make a commit back to their team repository. We also have utilities that allow you to call our API directly from the command line, so if you aren’t using VS Code or IntelliJ, we still have you covered.

CI/CD Pipeline Integration: Azure DevOps, Jenkins

The tools you use in your Continuous Integration/Continuous Development (CI/CD) cycle play a vital role in making sure your new builds load into your environment properly. Add S4 into the mix by using our integrations to block builds that miss security gate requirements or to generate a vulnerability report with each build.

Project Management Integration: Jira

Agile friendly, S4 allows teams to bring its security findings and remediation suggestions directly into their scrums and sprints. Our vulnerability findings can flow directly to Jira and back to S4, allowing both systems to track status changes and notes made in either. Security issues are automatically loaded into your project backlog for tracking and resolution without additional steps or duplication of effort.

DevOps Platform:


IAM & SSO: OneLogin, Okta, Google, SAML, Azure AD

Wrap your existing authentication controls around S4 by using our integrations with popular IAM and SSO providers. You can give your entire team access to the power of S4 quickly and easily. Be a hero and don’t require your team to remember another password or risk getting phished.

S4 for Salesforce - Application Security Assessment Report

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