Hanna Andersson Builds Brand Security & Trust

Hanna Andersson enhanced the security of their development process.

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Background on Hanna Andersson, a global provider of iconic children's apparel

The Hanna Andersson team specializes in children’s apparel. Their goal is to, “…outfit the adventure of childhood by embracing distinctly Scandinavian principles: iconic design that marries form and function, a genuine commitment to sustainability, and a lifestyle that leads to happy, meaningful lives.”

Manual security reviews slowed development & missed risky flaws

With such a large and impactful brand, The Hanna Andersson team understood the importance of addressing security in their Salesforce Commerce Cloud customizations and development.

Code was being manually reviewed for security implications before pushing updates into production. But these manual reviews took a long time to complete, required additional resources, and were prone to human error that caused security flaws in their code to be missed.

With so many changes being pushed into production every two weeks, this made it harder for Hanna Andersson to scale and have consistent results.

Automated security scanning saves time and enhances accuracy

Based on his experience, Shay Reddy, Senior Director, Infrastructure & Cyber Security at Hanna Andersson and his team knew that to scale they needed to invest in automation. They need a tool that could scan for vulnerabilities in their code automatically to speed up reviews (save time), catch more security issues (more accuracy), and better protect the Hanna Andersson brand from cyber attack.

A big leap forward for the company

The team found a way to easily integrate automated security scanning into their development process. The automated scan finds security flaws and integrates into their support ticketing system. The scan also provides remediation steps for each issue found, which are included in the automated ticket to the security team.

The team addresses security issues using the remediation steps, then runs a scan again to make sure all issues are indeed resolved. This means Hanna Andersson has better and faster checks & balances for security.

Shay and his team replaced their manual reviews with DigitSec’s automated scanning, which is a big leap forward for Hanna Andersson regarding the security of their Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

DigitSec automates security scanning, helping Hanna Andersson protect its brand

“The automated scanning provided by DigitSec was the only solution we could find that would do what we needed for Commerce Cloud security. It was simple and easy to deploy. There was no issue in integrating DigitSec and putting it to use.”

Shay Reddy, Senior Director, Infrastructure & Cyber Security

Andy Montoya

Andy Montoya


DigitSec brings four scans to protect Salesforce: Source Code Analysis, Custom Runtime Testing, Software Composition Analysis, & Cloud Security Configuration Review. #DevOps

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