ADVISORY: Malware Found in Threatens Salesforce Security and Endangers 100K+ Websites


Automated Application Security Testing Platform for Salesforce

Effortless Security for Salesforce & B2C Commerce


Static source code analysis (SAST), Interactive runtime testing (IAST), Software composition analysis (SCA), & Cloud security configuration review, with 120+ custom rules


Detailed Analysis of identified vulnerabilities,  root causes analysis, potential impacts, and thorough recommendations for remediation 


Superior Precision & detection capabilities, ensuring that flagged vulnerabilities are genuine and actionable, saving time and resources


Security is a Shared Responsibility​

As a Salesforce customer, you are directly responsible for custom code, data protection such as PII, compliance requirements, and other critical components derived from customization. The DigitSec SaaS security platform for Salesforce enables you to address your responsibilities within the shared responsibility mode


Salesforce's Responsiblity

Your Responsibility

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“InCountry ran DigitSec four times daily, with each and every release commit. This empowered our developers to remediate application security bugs minutes after coding them. The quick cycle of finding vulnerabilities and fixing them on the same day was key to accelerating our SDLC and at the end of day, our app’s secure  deployment in the AppExchange”

Renne' Devasia

Chief Compliance & Security Officer​ at InCountry

“Even our most experienced developers can not find all of the issues discovered by DigitSec. We constantly save several hours by automating security testing. DigitSec is a must have application in your pipeline. Don’t release code without it.”​

David Brooks

SVP Evangelism at Copado

“We take security at Hanna Andersson very seriously and wanted to implement consistent security controls for our custom development on Salesforce Commerce Cloud. DigitSec’s security solution enabled us to bake security into our development process. Our technical team found DigitSec easy to integrate into our processes for automated security testing. DigitSec’s support was unmatched and it is great to have DigitSec as a partner in our security journey”

Shay Reddy

Senior Director, Infrastructure & Cyber Security​ at Hanna Andersson

“DigitSec helps redefine how DevSecOps can work efficiently in CI/CD pipelines by automating what were once difficult and manual tasks.”

Frank J. Ohlhorst


“DigitSec helped us through the Salesforce AppExchange security review process. It is a good product and [it’s] beneficial in the security review process as well as helping us remain compliant in the continuous development arena.”​

Dan Szymczak

Senior Director, Product at Engaging Networks​

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