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Case Study

By using S4’s powerful Salesforce security scanners, InCountry saved over 1000 dev hours and released their app ahead of schedule.

Live Session

Our CEO, Waqas & Andy Ognenoff, Managing Director, Global Salesforce Security Lead at Accenture uncover Salesforce security blind spots.

No Code, Low Code

The No Code, Low Code movement can make Salesforce development faster, but it comes with it’s own set of security risks.

Security is a Shared Responsibility

Because of the Shared Responsibility Model, protecting your data is a JOINT responsibility between you and Salesforce.

Salesforce is quite secure when initially deployed. But as soon as you customize it, you’re responsible for any security risks you create.

DigitSec S4’s Salesforce security scanning and penetration testing capabilities empower you to test, find and fix those risks before they lead to a data breach.

Salesforce's Responsiblity

Your Responsibility

Why S4 for Salesforce Security?

Secure your code, libraries, apps & Org with one solution.

Accelerate deployment by reducing false positives.

Empower developers & admins to fix vulnerabilities.

Establish DevSecOps in the CI/CD pipeline to reduce risk.

"DigitSec S4 helps to redefine how DevSecOps can work efficiently in CI/CD pipelines by automating what were once difficult and manual tasks." - Frank J. Ohlhorst, eWeeK

What Customers Are Saying

“Due to the streamlined security testing in our development pipeline, InCountry ran S4 four times daily, with each and every release commit. This empowered our developers to remediate application security bugs minutes after coding them. The quick cycle of finding vulnerabilities and fixing them on the same day was key to accelerating our SDLC and at the end of day, our app’s secure deployment in the AppExchange.”

– Renne’ Devasia, InCountry Chief Compliance & Security Officer

Security & Trust

DigitSec is a Registered Salesforce ISV Partner




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