Why S4 for Salesforce Security?

Secure your code, libraries, apps & Org with one solution.

Accelerate deployment by reducing false positives.

Empower developers & admins to fix vulnerabilities.

Establish DevSecOps in the CI/CD pipeline to reduce risk.

Got DevSecOps for Salesforce?

S4 for Salesforce


Salesforce Shared Responsibility Model

Don’t have a False Sense of Security!

Vulnerabilities due to custom code or modifications are your responsibility. 

Salesforce is quite secure when initially deployed, but it is also the most customizable SaaS platform ever; and when you customize it to streamline data access, you can quickly introduce critical security vulnerabilities into your Org.  

DigitSec S4’s Salesforce security scanning and penetration testing capabilities help you easily find & quickly fix these security bugs before they lead to a data breach.

Security & Trust

DigitSec is a Registered Salesforce ISV Partner




What customers are saying:

“S4 – SaaS Security Scanner for Salesforce is a must have tool for all developers in order to develop secure applications on the Force.com platform. I have worked on many instances of SFDC and found that developers don’t consider security while developing on the platform. I found S4 very intelligent to spot vulnerabilities and to make the environment more secure.”

– Terex

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