InCountry Saves Big On Time & Deploys Faster With S4

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InCountry accelerated Salesforce security and DevOps with S4.

InCountry is a leading data residency-as-a-service platform that enables global compliance for international business. They were developing a Salesforce app that customers were eager to get. But first, the app had to pass the stringent AppExchange security review.

InCountry began to experience delays in their app development because the general-purpose app security testing tools they were using produced high rates of false positives.

René Devasia, InCountry Chief Compliance and Security Officer and his team used S4 because of it’s four powerful scanners that were designed for Salesforce. As a result, they saved over 1000 dev hours that would have been otherwise used to manually find and fix hard to detect vulnerabilities introduced during the development lifecycle. They were able to fix as they developed and were done ahead of schedule. 

They also passed the Appexchange security review with flying colors. Use the link above to read the full case study.

Andy Montoya

Andy Montoya

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