DigitSec Helps Salesforce Users Comply With NIST Standard for Software Testing

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S4 helps meet four security testing requirements under NISTIR 8397

On May 12, 2021 the Biden Administration addressed this by issuing Executive Order 14028, directing the National Institute of Standards and Technology to recommend minimum standards for software testing. In October, NIST issued NISTIR 8397, Guidelines for Minimum Standards for Developer Verification of Software.

DigitSec S4 is designed to assist Salesforce Developers address potential security vulnerabilities in their Org Configurations and custom code. S4 can be a Salesforce security tool that teams use to help meet this standard by providing automated, SAST, IAST and external library testing.

Organizations must be proactive about protecting their systems and data, especially if they are customizing and developing on Salesforce.

We urge organizations to review the full scope of these guidelines and to treat them as they have been labeled: as a minimal standard. With the help of S4, companies will be able to meet the four requirements for testing in an automated and continuous way.

Andy Montoya

Andy Montoya

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