Copado Essentials + DigitSec S4 Supports Ultra Short Runway for Implementing DevSecOps

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There’s a scene in Robert Zemeckis’ 1985 classic, Back to the Future, where Marty warns Doc Brown that the DeLorean doesn’t have enough road to reach the critical speed of 88 miles per hour. To which, Doc Brown replies as he pulls down his futuristically opaque shades, “Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need ‘roads’.”

When it comes to implementing DevOps, we know a lot of decision makers wish their team could say the same thing about the typical runway needed to realize its full potential. It takes a dedicated team to focus on building up a positive culture of effective DevOps or DevSecOps. That doesn’t happen overnight, it doesn’t happen by simply buying more tools, and it takes constant care and attention to make sure that development, testing, review and deployment are all a part of the process. All of that can be quite daunting and it doesn’t address the fact that teams need to balance the concrete demands of today against their goals of adjusting their process.

Copado + S4 = True DevSecOps

We’re particularly excited about one of our most recent integrations with Copado Essentials. We believe that Essentials offers one of the shortest “runways” to launching a DevOps workflow. While simple and straightforward to get up and running in a very short period of time, it offers a wide range of flexibility as your DevOps flow becomes more sophisticated. Moreover, we see our S4 integration with Copado as giving teams an opportunity to take it to the next level for true DevSecOps. 

How short of a runway are we talking about? If you have taken the first DevOps steps of having dev/test versions of your Salesforce Org, you can start using the free tier of Copado Essentials for up to 15 deployments per month. To integrate with DigitSec’s S4, once you have connected your Salesforce Org, you can quickly add a step in Copado Essentials so that every deployment includes our four security scans: Static Application Security Testing, Interactive Application Security Testing, Software Composition Analysis and Cloud Security Configuration Review. What prerequisites are required to get started with an S4? All you need to do is have a Salesforce Login with Administrator Permissions, then simply use our OAuth process to get going.

DevOps is a Never-Ending Journey

Effective DevOps and DevSecOps is truly a never-ending journey. It’s typically represented conceptually with an infinity loop. Like any journey, though, it must start somewhere. Copado Essentials and DigitSec S4 can be easy “wins” for an organization that wants to get started immediately. As your DevSecOps culture grows and strengthens, Copado Enterprise offers a roadmap to accommodate greater complexity, including DigitSec S4.

If your team wants to foster a strong DevOps culture, but you are facing a dizzying array of tools that all have different impacts on your process and your budget, finding a launch path with an ultra short runway can be an effective way to build momentum for your longer journey.

Phil Lepanto

Phil Lepanto

Phil Lepanto leads DigitSec's Customer Success Team. His goal is to help developers, administrators and executives to be proactive and engaged on preventing, identifying and remediating security vulnerabilities on SaaS platforms. He is currently lives in Seattle, WA and is formerly of Washington, DC.


DigitSec brings four scans to protect Salesforce: Source Code Analysis, Custom Runtime Testing, Software Composition Analysis, & Cloud Security Configuration Review. #DevOps

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