S4 Summer21 Update Release

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DigitSec launched our major Summer21 release a few weeks ago, so we wanted to highlight the new features, sharing our exciting progress on S4 for Salesforce. We had a lot going this summer including launching this new website and successfully completing our SOC2 audit! 


Every major and minor release typically has some small changes to the user experience and user interface. In this release, the most notable of these changes include UI improvements to the data visualizations and some of the controls like modal menus and form selectors.


The next big area of improvement for S4 Summer21 makes it easier on teams and organizations to work with multiple Salesforce Orgs. Those changes include:

  • Upgrading the S4 setup process to rely on OAuth. Now, when adding an Org to S4, all you need to do is login to Salesforce with admin privileges and then start scanning. 

  • Giving administrators more granular control over their S4 user base, allowing them to provide or restrict user access to specific Orgs

  • Allowing each user to set what type of scans they’d like to run against specific Orgs, rather than having the Scan Set control apply to all Orgs for that user.


Saving the best for last, I’d like to highlight that the S4 Summer21 release really makes a lot of progress on our Integrations roadmap. We spent a ton of time talking with customers, partners and experts about “Shifting Left,” bringing ‘Security’ into ‘DevOps’ with DevSecOps. Making it easy for developers and admins to run security checks as they push to innovate with SaaS software is mission critical for DigitSec. 


In this release, we bring greater integration with industry-leading code repositories at Bitbucket, GitHub, Gitlab and Azure DevOps. This now allows developers to scan from their local or remote codebases. We also launched a major integration with the industry leading DevOps Platform Management tool, Copado. You can now set critical thresholds for S4 severity findings to control your flow and you can access S4 finding reports directly from Copado.


S4 Fall21 release is right around the corner. We are finishing off major development and are moving to QA soon. 


You can find detailed release notes on our documentation site.

Phil Lepanto

Phil Lepanto

Phil Lepanto leads DigitSec's Customer Success Team. His goal is to help developers, administrators and executives to be proactive and engaged on preventing, identifying and remediating security vulnerabilities on SaaS platforms. He is currently lives in Seattle, WA and is formerly of Washington, DC.


DigitSec brings four scans to protect Salesforce: Source Code Analysis, Custom Runtime Testing, Software Composition Analysis, & Cloud Security Configuration Review. #DevOps

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