SaaS Security Scanner
S4 for Salesforce
Security compliance and assurance for Salesforce
Perform a periodic technical evaluation of security
policies and procedures (164.308(a)(8))
Technical Evaluation
Compliance Requirement
S4 Control
S4 assists in HIPAA & HITECH compliance for Salesforce
Implement policies and procedures for authorizing
access to ePHI (164.308(a)(4)(i))
Information Access Management
Provide a security awareness and training program for
all members of its workforce (164.308(a)(5)(i))
Security Awareness
Record and examine activity in information systems
which contain or use ePHI (164.312(b))
Access Control
Protect ePHI from improper alteration or
destruction (164.312(c)(1))
Guard against unathorized access to electronically
transmitted ePHI (164.312(e)(1))
Transmission Security
Utilizes static/dynamic testing engine to assess the
security of personal data in Salesforce
Utilizes Static & Dynamic Testing
S4 enables companies to manage security of
Salesforce customizations
Enables Easier Security Mgmt.
S4 provides guidance on how to fix and eliminate
vulnerabilities in Salesforce Health Cloud
Provides Technical Guidance
S4 identifies security vulnerabilities that pose a
threat to assets in Salesforce Health Cloud
Identifies Security Vulnerabilities
S4 uncovers security flaws which can lead to data
theft or compromise of assets in Salesforce
Uncovers Security Flaws
S4 audits transmission settings on integrations
and seeks out areas of concern
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