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We’re confident S4 can help most companies reduce risk, accelerate development, meet compliance requirements and cut costs.

We offer a fully-functional trial of S4 that can last 14-90 days for qualifying organizations. This can give you an opportunity to formally evaluate S4 in a clear and transparent way before purchase.

How the trial works

The trial is made up for four major milestones: Kick-Off, Onboarding, Test Drive and Findings. The trial runs between 14 days and up to 90 days, depending on your needs.

Requirements to participate in trial:

  • Signed NDA.
  • Assigned primary point-of-contact from your organization to coordinate feedback and meetings.
  • Regularly scheduled check-in calls to assess how S4 is performing.
  • Facilitate 1-on-1 meetings with key decision makers during trial

Our goal is to complete the trial quickly and efficiently so that we can jointly answer the questions of whether S4 is right for your organization.

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"We estimate S4 saved us over 1000 hours of precious development time in a period of only 5 month"
-Sergei Serdechny, InCountry's Trust & Security Manager