SalesForceBen DevOps Predictions for 2021

SalesForceBen DevOps Predictions for 2021: We Heartily Agree

If you missed the Salesforce DevOps Trends for 2021, here’s a quick summary:

  1. The vast majority of Salesforce teams will be looking to adopt DevOps this year 

  2. Releases will continue to become faster and more frequent

  3. Using source control will become the norm

  4. An understanding of DevOps best practices will be increasingly sought after 

  5. Companies’ investment in DevOps will increase, as the ROI becomes evident. 

  6. Security & compliance requirements will motivate improved DevOps processes

SalesforceBen is spot on, especially when it comes to the increasing importance of security and compliance driving improved DevOps processes or Salesforce DevSecOps.

GitLab found that most folks have been using DevOps for less than 3 years, and only 15% feel their DevOps process is mature.  Shifting left into DevSecOps is the natural next step.

Before founding DigitSec, we were called into more and more Salesforce application security & penetration testing engagements, and the trends toward DevOps were only just appearing. Salesforce dev was happening at a faster pace, which only accelerated the introduction of undetected security vulnerabilities. We saw the relationship firsthand, as the results were clear in each and every security assessment report we delivered.

Today’s application security testing processes are insufficient to keep up the pace, and general-purpose security testing tools are the biggest barrier to DevSecOps for Salesforce.

The good news is that developers outnumber security pros 500 to 1!  Our mission at DigitSec is to empower developers with a purpose-built Salesforce DevSecOps platform.

With S4, Salesforce developers receive 90% fewer false positives and can easily integrate with their favorite DevOps tools like Jira, Jenkins, Github, Bitbucket, VS Code, and Copado.

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DigitSec brings four scans to protect Salesforce: Source Code Analysis, Custom Runtime Testing, Software Composition Analysis, & Cloud Security Configuration Review. #DevOps

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