New Security Checks for Salesforce

DigitSec, Inc. is pleased to announce two new security checks being added to S4 – SaaS Security Scanner for Salesforce.

Software Compositions Analysis

With the ever-increasing use of open source and third-party applications, it is very important for organizations to gain visibility into third-party applications. The use of components with known vulnerabilities can lead to breaches and other security risks. Hackers often target applications with known vulnerabilities due to ease of exploitation.

S4’s Software Composition Analysis now provides insights into the open-source and third-party code vulnerabilities that may exist in your Salesforce applications.

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Software Compositions Analysis

Insecure Web Sockets

Web sockets are used to achieve real-time communication between servers and clients. Web sockets are not secure by design and can expose sensitive information to hackers. S4’s now checks for insecure usage of web sockets in Salesforce code (Lightning web components and other web components).

insecure web sockets




DigitSec brings four scans to protect Salesforce: Source Code Analysis, Custom Runtime Testing, Software Composition Analysis, & Cloud Security Configuration Review. #DevOps

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