Salesforce Republic Chat With DigitSec CEO: Accelerate Development by Reducing False Positives

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If you trying to secure Salesforce, you have to think like an attacker.

This is the one key takeaway from DigitSec CEO, Waqas Nazir’s presentation with Salesforce Republic titled “Accelerate Development by Reducing False Positives.” As mentioned above, to understand how to secure your Org, you have to understand the mind of an attacker. This sets the stage for the rest of the presentation.

From there, Waqas dives into the state of security and shares some alarming stats. He then explains what false positives are and how they slow down development. Next, we shares how to shift security left. The rest of the session talks about DevSecOps practices, Salesforce challenges related to DevSecOps, how to shift even more left, and how to measure success.

Watch the full session above and check out our case study with InCountry where we saved them thousands of development hours by reducing false positives.

Andy Montoya

Andy Montoya

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